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3 July 2019

The article published by Apple Daily on 30 June 2019 regarding me and Mr Frederick Ma Si-hang ("Mr. Ma") is misleading to the public and was meant to severely damage my reputation and that of the K. Wah group of companies ("the Group").

The said article falsely alleged that I entertained Mr. Ma with private jet trips and provided ladies as travel companions last year and insinuated that this was related to the business of the Group. This is totally untrue and has damaged my reputation and that of the Group.

The Group vigorously adheres to effective good corporate governance practices and complies with applicable code of conduct.

The said article has severely damaged my reputation as well as that of the Group, and we reserve all the rights to take legal action against Apple Daily.

Dr. Lui Che-woo
Chairman & Managing Director
K.Wah International Holdings Limited

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